Updated: May 9, 2018

Hey DCBA squad, so after a year of hemming and hawing, here is our blog.

We curate/aggregate/remix the best student content from around the web, along with a side of original content. Now, before I unpack what that entails, let's step back for a moment.


To answer this question, let's look at DCBA's mission:

To support and accelerate the professional and personal growth of the business student body.

Put another way, we're here to help students get smarter, faster, better #charlesduhigg

Presently, the bulk of DCBA's focus has been centered around organizing on-campus career and growth events for students. That's all well and good, but what's missing was a digital component -- we just wouldn't be carrying out our mission fully if we neglected such prime attentional real estate.

Our vision is to:

  • Help students get faster by becoming more efficient/effective in everything they do. This way time can be freed up to socialize, work, and get involved on campus.

  • Help students get better moving everyone up a notch. D students -> C students. C's ->B's. B's -> A's. But not just scholastically, but also a better, more well-rounded person.

  • Help students get smarter by filling in the gaps and building on what's taught in the classroom, make more informed career/school/life choices, and set them up to thrive post-college.

We will be modelling our blog -- in terms of content, style, tone -- based on Tim Urban's famous Wait But Why. Amazing blog, btw.

Alright, let's get to unpacking.


There is a galaxy of content out there - some good, some ehhh, some are just downright clickbait. We vet and filter content so you don't have to.


We aggregate content and package it up in one central place for you. Case in point: our toolbox series. There you'll find a comprehensive collection of links and resources to make cramming for that exam easier. Don't cram though.


"It's ya boy, Young Blockchain! We about to spit hot fire on this track!"

Yes, our idea of remixes is exactly what you had in mind. Sometimes, we'll collaborate with instructors and industry professionals to remix high-level concepts in a way that's more practical and meaningful to you. Other times, we'll put a spin on something that sparks a light-bulb moment.


Hyper-relevant. Hyper-useful. This is where we put out content that is hyper-specific to Douglas College students. It might be course-guides to help you crush that mandatory class you've been dreading (**ahem** ENGL 1130). Or perhaps a recruitment guide to help you navigate the recruitment process.


Ultimately, what we're trying to build here is a community of students/alumni/faculty/industry pros -- all helping each other and exchanging ideas.

But we can't build a community by ourselves -- you have to.

Here is how you can help:

1. Start by signing up for an account, you can find it right above the header.

2. Share your thoughts and comments. Let's get to know each other and spark a dialogue.

3. Like and share the posts you found useful. This will tell us the type of content we should be focusing on.

Pro-tip: Some of our posts will be regularly updated. If you want to notified of anything new, there is a handy follow post feature on the upper right hand corner (look for a 3 dot dropdown).

Want to write for the blog? We need your help!

Want a platform to build a portfolio?

Got an idea? Want to collaborate on some remixes?

Want to reach out to Douglas College students?

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