Updated: May 9, 2018

We recommend starting with some official resources straight from CPABC:

2018 CPABC Post-secondary Recruitment Framework

CPABC Fall Recruit FAQs

CPABC Fall Recruit Application Tip Sheet


Q: I don't have a resume. What do I do?

As with most things, Google is your best-friend. Luckily, we've put together a handy resource page (coming soon) to start you off. We recommend building a basic resume by yourself. Once you have something tangible down on paper, schedule an appointment with the Career Centre, where a team of experts will be on-hand to take it to the next level.

Just don't go there empty-handed, the Career Centre is not there to create resumes from scratch!

Q: I have zero accounting experience. Can I still participate in recruit?

Absolutely. In general, firms are prepared to train you from the ground-up. During recruitment, they're primarily looking to assess for soft skills and cultural fit. Can they envision working with you? Do you have a personality or are you Accounting Bot 3000? Are you emotionally intelligent? Do you have a good head on your shoulders? Can they put you in front of a client?

They can train the technical accounting stuff. What they're looking to assess is the stuff that is very difficult to train.

Q: Is there a dress code?

Unless otherwise stated, we recommend business casual attire as the default. However, there may be some events - such as BCIT FMA's BBQ Social in August - that call for more casual attire. Use your best judgement.

That said, as long as you look put together, you will be fine. In fact, don't feel the pressure to go all decked out head-to-toe. Firms understand you're on a student budget - after all, they've been in the exact same position!

Q: Can I go through both Spring and Fall recruit?

Yes. If you're unsuccessful during the Spring recruit cycle, there is no need to stress! Address your weaknesses and come back strong! Firms value (and notice) grittiness in potential candidates.

Furthermore, it may simply boil down to logistics - there's simply not enough spots for everyone on their short-list. In fact, we know of several cases where a student was turned down in one cycle, but got an offer the next.

Q: I received more than one offer, how much time do I have to decide?

Students who received offers in the Spring cycle have until June 29th, 2018 to decide. Students who received offers in the Fall cycle have until October 5th, 2018 to decide and accept an offer.

Q: What is the difference between co-op and internships offers?

At Douglas College, co-op positions and internships are the same thing. These positions usually run for 4 months in length, and are reserved for students in their 2nd or 3rd year (of a 4-year program).

Note: If you are in a post-degree program. Your 1st year = 3rd year. Your 2nd year = 4th year.

Q: What is the difference between co-op/internships and full-time offers?

Full-time offers are reserved for students that have either finished or have less than 1 year left in schooling.

Q: If I receive an offer, do I start right away?

In most cases, no. Firms usually hire for positions (up to) 1 year in advance. That said, every firm has their own respective policies. Ultimately, the terms of acceptance and start date is a matter of negotiation between the firm and the student.

Q: Why are there so many networking events? Do I need to attend every single one?

Nope! The number of events reflects the fact that everyone has different schedules and commitments. Go to as many events as you feel you will need. We recommended planning ahead and be strategic about which events you choose to attend.

Q: My question is not listed here. Who do I contact?

For general inquiries, contact Ian at

For very specific questions related to the CPA program, contact Katia (your CPA Ambassador) at




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