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1. You need a picture for your LinkedIn profile.

A profile isn't complete without a picture for employers to identify you. Register and get a free head shot! Photos will be offered before and after the event, so come early!

2. You're new to LinkedIn, and don't know where to start.

Sprucing up your LinkedIn has been sitting on the todo list for a while. Okay, more than a while actually. Procrastinate no more when we show you just how frictionless it is.

3. You are interested in building your personal brand.

"I got LinkedIn figured out" you say. Very well, but what about your personal brand? Take your game to the next level and truly stand out from the crowd.

4. Personal branding is all fluff.

Picture this: You go to the supermarket and make a straight beeline to the chips section. But this time all the chips are brandless. No labels. No nothing. Nada. How do you choose? Kinda like a hiring manager with a stack of resumes, no?
Here's the thing: everyone has a personal brand - whether they like it or not. More importantly, find out what you can do about yours.


5:30pm - Doors open. 1st round of headshots.
6:30pm - LinkedIn - Shannan Laing.  
7:00pm - Personal branding - Kimberly Jang.
7:30pm - 2nd round of headshots. Networking.


Kimberly Jang

Marketing faculty

Shannan Laing

Career coach
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