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If you got your sights on audit and tax, then public practice is where you want to be.


Deloitte. MNP. PwC. BDO. Grant Thornton -- these are the public accounting firms, to name a few. And the CPA Recruit is the mechanism through which students are recruited into these firms.

But is there more to accounting than just public practice? You bet.


Enter the world of private accounting, where you'll work in the internal accounting departments of companies across all sizes. From your well-recognized brands -- big banks, credit unions, restaurant chains, big box retailers -- to that local boutique coffee shop you adore so much.


Every business require accountants. Where do you see yourself?

Topics include:

  • Work and lifestyle differences between public and private accounting.

  • Pros and cons of public and private career paths.

  • Which path is right for you?

  • Differences in the context of the CPA designation. 

  • Preparing for a career in private accounting. 

Space is limited. Registration required.

Food will be served!


The CPA desgination. Q&A.
Panel discussion featuring accountants from private industry. 
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