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Each year, public accounting firms visit campuses across the Lower Mainland to recruit accounting students for full-time and co-op/internship positions. 

Recruitment takes place across 2 seasons: 


Spring - February to June (of each year)

Fall - July to October (of each year)

Here is how it works.

CPAHUB 19 Chart (3).png



Season Kickoff

Info sessions are held each semester, serving as kick-offs for the upcoming recruit season.


Official CPABC reps will be on-campus to explain the logistics of the recruitment procress, update students on new changes, and answer any question you may have.


In addition, we often bring in guest speakers to share their recruiting wisdom and help prepare students for the journey ahead.

Networking Circuit



This is the core component of the recruiting process. 


The DCBA -- In collaboration with CPABC, firms, and clubs from other schools -- organizes an entire ecosystem of networking events.

In a nutshell, networking events are meet and greets between firms and students. Students learn about different firms and their respective cultures. Recruiters interact with students, assess for fit, and start developing a short-list of potential candidates they want to interview. 

During this phase, face-time with recruiters is critical -- hence the reason for the sheer number of events that take place. Make strong impressions throughout and your odds of landing an interview increases exponentially. 

Resume and Interview Prep



At this point, you understand how the recruit process works. You're regularly attending networking events and building relationships with the recruiters.

Between events, now is an excellent time to get your house in order: resume, LinkedIn, and interview skills. Make sure your resume is sharp. Update your LinkedIn so it's telling a cohesive story. Work on your talking points. Practice mock interviews. ​

Why do you want to work for [insert firm]? What do you bring to the table? Why are you a good fit? Research, research, research.


Luckily, you don't have to figure this out alone. The team at the Career Centre is ready to help. Learn more about their services by logging into your myCareer.

Apply to Firms



Applications have now opened up, where you will be applying online with your resume, cover letter, and transcript.

At this point,  everything is order and you're ready to rock-and-roll. Most importantly, recruiters know what you're all about. And when the inevitable onslaught of resume arrive at their inbox, they know to look for you by name.

Note: Applications typically close late May/early June.




Applications have now closed. At this point, you've secured an interview. It's crunch-time.

Practice your interviews. Anticipate questions and prepare your responses. Book an appointment with the Career Centre. Seek out advice from your instructors.




Congratulations, you got an offer. You did it. 

Typically, firms hire for positions (up to) one-year in advance. Essentially, you won't be starting right away. 


In the meantime, shift your focus back on school. Typically, offers are contingent on you maintaining a certain GPA -- can't forget everything you learned in Intermediate Accounting just yet. 

But don't worry, as long you stay the course, you'll be just fine. The hard part is now over.

Off-season -- Transition to Fall Recruit 



At this point, the offers have been sent out and the season winds down. Firms take a break before gearing up again for next season, which takes place in the fall. 

Didn't get an offer? Don't be discouraged. It's often the case that students typically have to go through one unsuccessful season before landing an offer the next. 

In fact, sometimes it's down to a matter of capacity. Firms think you're a good fit but simply don't have the room this intake.

Whichever the case, do assess for possible shortcomings, regroup, and come back strong for next season. It's right around the corner.

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