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Each year, public accounting firms visit campuses across Vancouver to recruit accounting students for full-time and co-op/internship positions. 

Recruitment is organized into 2 seasons: 


Spring - February to June (of each year)

Fall - July to October (of each year)

Here is how it works.

1. Attend an Info Session

Beginning of each semester

Info sessions are held each semester, serving as kick-offs for the upcoming recruit cycle.


Official CPABC reps will be on-campus to explain how recruitment works and answer any questions you may have.


The recruitment process is constantly evolving, so be sure to attend so you can learn about the latest changes.

2. Hit the Networking Circuit

On-going throughout the season

This is the core component of the recruiting process. It's your bread and butter.


The DCBA, in collaboration with CPABC and clubs from other schools, organize an entire ecosystem of networking events - some big, others more intimate.

In a nutshell, networking events are meet and greets between firms and students. Students learn about different firms and their respective cultures. Recruiters from each firm chat with students, get a feel for fit, and start developing short-lists for potential candidates.


As the season progresses, this short-list narrows down, eventually culminating in a definitive list of candidates to be interviewed. 

3. Resume and Interview Preparations

While you wait for applications to open up

At this point, you understand how the recruit process works. You're regularly attending networking events and building relationships with different firms. 

Now, it's a matter of waiting for the firms to start accepting applications. 

Note: Application open dates will be posted on social media and on our CPA Recruit Hub.

In meantime, it's time to step up your resume and interview game - this way, you're not scrambling and submitting a rushed application. 


The team at the Career Centre is ready to help. Learn more about their services by logging into your myCareer.

4. Applying to Firms

Late July/ Early August 

Applications have now opened up. Students will be applying online with their resume, cover letter, and transcripts.


At this point, your resume has been polished up and you've been practicing your interview skills. You're ready to rock and roll.

5. Interviews


​Applications have now closed. It's now crunch-time. At this point, hopefully you've secured an interview. If so, you will be interviewing throughout June.


Note: Applications typically close late May/early June. 

Once interviews are over, the recruiting cycle will wind down, taking a break during July, and picking up again in August for the Fall season.

If you weren't successful this time around, don't be discouraged, there is always the next cycle!

6. Accepting/Declining Offers


Congratulations, you've gotten an offer!


Candidates will be offered a position FOR 2019 - either in Jan, May, or Sept. Essentially, you won't be starting right away - firms hire for positions (up to) 1 year in advance.

All offers must be accepted by October 5th, 2018.

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